The Wives of Henry VIII Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. In the prologue, what does the author explain as her purpose for writing "The Wives of Henry VIII"?

In the prologue, Antonia Fraser explains that much of what is known about Henry VIII's wives is historically wrong, and with her book she hopes to right these wrongs and show her readers who these women really were.

2. Who were Catherine of Aragon's parents? What is noted about her mother?

Catherine of Aragon's parents were Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon, the Catholic Kings. It is noted that Katherine's mother would often lead her armies into battle, and remained chaste in her marriage which was rife with infidelity.

3. What are some examples of what Catherine of Aragon was taught as she grew up?

As Catherine of Aragon grew up, she was taught to be graceful and chaste. She was also educated when many of her contemporaries were not. She was taught skills that would serve her well as the Queen of England.

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