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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Anne Boleyn: Chapter 6, A Fresh Young Damsel, Chapter 7, The King and His Lady, and Chapter 8, People May Grumble.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the result of Catherine of Aragon's first pregnancy?
(a) A stillborn baby boy.
(b) A healthy baby girl.
(c) Twin girls.
(d) A stillborn baby girl.

2. Which royal house did Henry VII hope to create a bond with through marriage?
(a) The Heinzes.
(b) The Hensworths.
(c) The Habsburgs.
(d) The Hanovers.

3. After his wife's death, some believed that Henry VII wished to marry __________.
(a) Catherine's mother.
(b) Catherine of Aragon.
(c) His mistress.
(d) The princess of Italy.

4. Whom did Henry have a son with in 1519?
(a) Bessie Bandings.
(b) Bessie Blount.
(c) Bessie Bibbs..
(d) Bessie Blander.

5. What was the large gathering which took place in 1520 called?
(a) The Valley of Silver Armor.
(b) The Forest of Woolen Bronz.
(c) The Desert of White Cotton.
(d) The Field of Cloth of Gold.

Short Answer Questions

1. Emperor Charles entered into a marriage contract with __________.

2. Who was Catherine of Aragon's father?

3. What was Catherine of Aragon's relationship with Emperor Charles?

4. What country was Catherine of Aragon from?

5. In which country outside of England did Anne live with her family?

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