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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, Anna of Cleaves and Katherine Howard: Chapter 14, An Unendurable Bargain, Chapter 15, That Young Girl Katherine, and Chapter 16, Old Man's Jewel.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old was Catherine when she traveled to England to meet her husband?
(a) Twenty years old.
(b) Eighteen years old.
(c) Twelve years old.
(d) Fifteen years old.

2. In what year did Henry see Catherine of Aragon for the final time?
(a) 1531.
(b) 1528.
(c) 1535.
(d) 1525.

3. At the tribunal in 1529, what did Catherine claim about King Henry?
(a) He knew she was a virgin when they married.
(b) Anne Boleyn had encouraged Henry to divorce her.
(c) He was not a man of God.
(d) He was not Henry Fitzroy's true father.

4. Who later immortalized the speech Catherine of Aragon made at the tribunal In 1529?
(a) William Shakespeare.
(b) Charles Dickens.
(c) George Bernard Shaw.
(d) Christopher Marlowe.

5. Who was Lady Rochford?
(a) Anne Boleyn's nurse maid.
(b) The King's cousin.
(c) Anne Boleyn's aunt.
(d) Anne Boleyn's sister-in-law.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Henry had banished Catherine of Aragon, what did he refuse to allow her to do?

2. What age was Catherine of Aragon approaching in the early 1520s?

3. At the same time that Henry sought a divorce from Catherine of Aragon, what was troubling parliament?

4. What did Henry interpret a Bible passage to mean about his marriage?

5. In what year did Henry decide he must have a divorce from Catherine of Aragon?

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