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This is what each of Henry VIII's wives had marked with the symbol of her choice.


This is what often featured the initial of Henry's current wife intertwined with Henry's initials.

King Henry's Letters to Anne Boleyn

This is what suggests the depth of Henry's devotion to his second wife.

Katherine Howard's Letter to Thomas Culpepper

This is the only remaining correspondence credited to Henry's fifth wife.

Spanish Chronicle

This was a publication written by a strong supporter of Catherine of Aragon.

Announcement of Baby Elizabeth's Birth

This had to be altered to change 'prince' to 'princess' in two places.

Portrait of Anna of Cleves

This was what helped King Henry to decide whom to take as his fourth wife.

Parliament Chamber of Blackfriars

This was where Catherine of Aragon made her heart wrenching speech to Henry VIII to ask that he not seek a divorce...

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