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Prologue and Part, Catherine of Aragon: Chapter 1, Arthur's Dearest Spouse and Chapter 2, The Princess in his Power

• In the prologue, Fraser sets out to debunk myths about the wives of Henry VIII.

• Catherine of Aragon was born to Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon, the Catholic Kings.

• Catherine of Aragon's mother would often lead her army into battle.

• As a toddler, Catherine of Aragon was promised to Arthur, the Prince of Wales, to create a treaty between England and Spain.

• Catherine of Aragon traveled to England at the age of fifteen to meet her betrothed husband.

• A question remains as to whether Catherine and Arthur's marriage was consummated. He had always been in bad health.

• After six months of marriage, Arthur died. It was immediately suggested Catherine should marry Arthur's younger brother Henry.

• Henry VII backed away from the plan to marry Catherine to his son Henry...

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