The Witches Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does the narrator describe the appearance and behavior of "real witches" in "A Note About Witches"?

According to the narrator in this chapter, "real witches" do not wear pointy hats and capes. They look like ordinary women and have ordinary jobs and live in ordinary houses. Their behavior, on the surface, is completely normal.

2. Describe the narrator and protagonist of The Witches. How old is he? Where does he live?

The narrator of the novel is a seven-year-old boy who is originally from Norway but has lived in England with his parents for several years. He now lives in Norway with his grandmother following a tragic accident that killed both of his parents.

3. Describe the narrator's grandmother. How old is she? Where does she live?

The narrator's grandmother is an 86-year-old woman who lives in Norway. She takes in her grandson following his parents' death and then moves with him to England to fulfill his father's will.

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