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Walter Isaacson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Isaacson claim George Kennan served the government in lieu of paying the expenses of attending law school?
(a) The Foreign Service.
(b) The War Department.
(c) The Supreme Court.
(d) The State Department.

2. What does Isaacson cite as the difference between Kennan's and Chip Bohlen's approach to preparing for their chosen field?
(a) Bohlen was very social and enjoyed drinking, but Kennan was studied in seclusion and was a tea-totaler.
(b) Kennan approached his preparations with anxiety but Bohlen enjoyed his time studying for the exams.
(c) Kennan had analytic depth, but Bohlen had a more nimble mind.
(d) Kennan was academic, but Bohlen was impulsive.

3. What quality of Truman's does Isaacson claim was welcomed by the liaison between the State Department and the White House ?
(a) Truman's predictability.
(b) Truman's forthrightness.
(c) Truman's common perspective.
(d) Truman's willingness to accept counsel.

4. What does Isaacson report to be the warning the Allied powers gave to the Japanese regarding the dropping of the atomic bomb?
(a) Ads placed in Japanese newspapers warning of coming destruction.
(b) Communiques made to Japanese leaders through their various channels of communication.
(c) Radio interruptions of Japanese airwaves that warned the Japanese of America's possession of, "a weapon of mass destruction."
(d) A vague clue in the Potsdam proclamation describing "immeasurably greater" powers and that, "The alternative for Japan is prompt and utter destruction."

5. What approach did Wall Street favor regarding the future of Germany's industrial base during plans for the post-war era, according to Isaacson?
(a) Wall Street favored putting German companies under the control of American Corporations to expand markets around the world.
(b) Wall Street favored placing German corporations under the control of the American government to reduce the possibility of competition from vigorous foreign markets.
(c) Wall Street favored reviving Germany because of the business opportunities.
(d) Wall Street favored Soviet usurpation of German manufacturing equipment so American manufacturers would have a market advantage in Europe.

Short Answer Questions

1. What decision did Harriman influence Stalin to make, according to Isaacson, to get around the decision of Secretary Stettinius?

2. Who was the Supreme Court Justice for whom Dean Acheson clerked?

3. What unusual practice did Soviet pilots take as they flew in approach to Russian cities, according to Isaacson?

4. What does Isaacson claim to be Bohlen's view of Bolshevism?

5. What political movement did Bohlen defend to his classmates?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Isaacson report to be Averell Harriman's first achievement after he was named as transportation adviser to the National Defense Advisory Commission by President Franklin Roosevelt?

2. What does Isaacson report to be a prerequisite for being tapped for Skull and Bones at Yale?

3. What does Isaacson report to be the difference between George Kennan's approach to training for the foreign service and that of Chip Bohlen?

4. What does Isaacson claim to be Averell Harriman's qualification for Skull and Bones?

5. Where does Isaacson report Dean Acheson started his career after WWI?

6. What does Isaacson claim motivated George Kennan to apply for a job with the foreign service?

7. How does Isaacson claim that Robert Lovett's father started in his work for E.H. Harriman?

8. What does Isaacson claim to be Averell Harriman's view regarding Russia building a tier of states friendly to its system in Eastern Europe?

9. What kind of jobs did John McCloy's mother find for him during his youth, according to Isaacson?

10. As the Allied powers began to close in on Germany, what does Isaacson expose to be the main concern of the British and American governments for the post-war era?

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