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Walter Isaacson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What event does Isaacson suggest brought calls to come out of its isolationism following WWI?
(a) The rise of Italian Fascism.
(b) The spread of Nazism across Europe.
(c) Japanese Imperialism through the Far East.
(d) The Stalinist purges in Russia.

2. Who does Isaacson report chose Kennan and Bohlen for service in the American Embassy in Moscow?
(a) Secretary of State Elihu Root.
(b) President Franklin Roosevelt.
(c) The American Ambassador to Russia, William Bullitt.
(d) Secretary of War Henry Lewis Stimson.

3. What quality of Truman's does Isaacson claim was welcomed by the liaison between the State Department and the White House ?
(a) Truman's forthrightness.
(b) Truman's common perspective.
(c) Truman's willingness to accept counsel.
(d) Truman's predictability.

4. What does Isaacson report to be a weakness Bohlen exhibited in the execution of his profession?
(a) His poor manners offended the keepers of protocol.
(b) His penmanship was poor and he never learned to type.
(c) His social proclivities caused embarrasments for other Administration officials.
(d) He was often too risky with investor's funds.

5. Isaacson reports that Averell Harriman took what position in the Roosevelt Administration?
(a) Railroad advisor to the Department of Commerce.
(b) Assistant director to the Federal Reserve.
(c) Assistant Secretary of War.
(d) Transportation adviser for the new National Defense Advisory Commission.

6. What was Bohlen's first assignment after he completed training in his field, according to Issacson?
(a) He was made partner with W.A. Harriman & Co.
(b) He was given a seat on the board of directors of the Union Pacific Railway.
(c) He was posted in Prague.
(d) He was assigned Under Secretary of the National Recovery Administration.

7. What agreement does Isaacson record Roosevelt and Churchill made during their initial meeting after America's entry into WWII?
(a) The Non Aggression Pact.
(b) The Atlantic Charter.
(c) Lend Lease.
(d) NATO.

8. Under which president did Dean Acheson serve in the Attorney General's office?
(a) Herbert Hoover.
(b) Calvin Coolidge.
(c) Franklin Roosevelt.
(d) Harry Truman.

9. What does Isaacson claim to have been America's foreign policy following WWI?
(a) Nation building.
(b) Interventionism.
(c) Isolationism.
(d) Non-interventionism.

10. Where does Isaacson claim Averell Harriman and Dean Acheson first met?
(a) At Groton Prep School.
(b) In Paris.
(c) In New York City.
(d) In Russia during WWII.

11. Where did Chip Bohlen grow up, according to Isaacson?
(a) Aiken, South Carolina.
(b) Paris.
(c) Grindstone Island, New York.
(d) New York City.

12. What is the reason Isaacson suggests that John McCLoy's mother encouraged him to tutor children of her wealthy clients during summers away from school?
(a) It was his mother's way of assuring he would make the right social contacts.
(b) Because he would be better able to continue his advanced studies while working with younger children.
(c) So he could be networking for a good career.
(d) Because the pay was better than taking one of the part-time jobs in the city.

13. What unusual practice did Soviet pilots take as they flew in approach to Russian cities, according to Isaacson?
(a) They went into a "torpedo dive" to best avoid being hit by enemy fire.
(b) They did barrel rolls to impress Stalin with their skill.
(c) They approached Russian cities at tree top level so as to be recognized by the Russian military.
(d) They shut off their engines and glided into a landing to avoid detections by subversives.

14. According to Isaacson, how did Harriman respond to Stalin's shifting demeanor?
(a) Harriman was indifferent and held to his mission.
(b) Harriman was dismayed and threatened to leave.
(c) Harriman was blunt and counseled patience.
(d) Harriman was confused and called Washington for advice.

15. What does Isaacson claim to be the reason that Harriman and Dean Acheson supported making post-war loans to the Soviets?
(a) Both saw the loans as a means of gaining bargaining leverage with the Kremlin.
(b) Both considered that the friendship of the Soviets could be bought.
(c) Both realized that the Soviet economy was unproductive and felt that loans could nudge the Soviets to a market economy.
(d) Both considered loans to be a show of good faith that the U.S. was willing to work with the Soviets in spite of ideological differences.

Short Answer Questions

1. With what investment house did Isaacson claim Averell Harriman merged W.A. Harriman & Co.?

2. What does Isaacson report to be the legacy of Harvard's President Charles Elliot after his 40 year tenure ended in 1909?

3. With whom does Isaacson report Harriman shared responsibility that came to him after the meeting between Roosevelt and Churchill?

4. What does Isaacson report Vice President Harry Truman was doing when news of President Roosevelt's death was first leaked?

5. Who was the Supreme Court Justice for whom Dean Acheson clerked?

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