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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who has been writing to John Winthrop in an attempt to get what might be due to Joan from her late father's holdings in Barbados as well as to contest the paper signed by Robert Feake granting his property to Bess and Will?
(a) Governor Stuyvesant
(b) Thomas Lyon
(c) Toby Feake
(d) Jack Whitford

2. What does Will overhear while in Watertown?
(a) There will soon be another Indian uprising.
(b) Greenwich has been given over to New England and is no longer Dutch.
(c) Robert Feake has been arrested for another murder.
(d) Joan has inherited quite a lot of money from her late father's estate.

3. What has happened to Bess' husband, Robert?
(a) Robert has stowed away on a ship back to England.
(b) Robert has spiralled even further into madness.
(c) Robert has emerged from his dementia.
(d) Robert has died of natural causes.

4. What happens with the delivery of a letter from the Dutch Director-General?
(a) A statue is to be dedicated to Bess.
(b) Will and Bess are made elders of the church.
(c) Will is banished from the colony and Bess, as an adulteress, may never see him again.
(d) Will learns that his mother has died in London.

5. What does Bell beg Telaka not to tell her tribe?
(a) That Daniel Patrick has killed Mianos
(b) That Toby is not sorry for upsetting Telaka's mother's gravesite
(c) That Bess has traded with them unfairly
(d) That Daniel Patrick is planning on waging war on the Indians

6. Who has recently arrived from Germany?
(a) Robert Seaford, Harry's old friend
(b) Sara Congreve, Bess' childhood friend
(c) Elsa Fones, Bess' aunt
(d) Toby Feake, Robert's nephew

7. What are the two sadnesses in Bess' life now?
(a) Bess misses her mother and her sister.
(b) Bess will never see England again and she longs for Jack Winthrop.
(c) Joan has died and Bess is estranged from her granddaughter.
(d) Bess regrets the divorce from Robert Feakes and the death of their deformed baby.

8. What information is contained in George Baxter's letter to Bess?
(a) Bess is granted all of the Feake-Patrick land to administer as she sees fit.
(b) Bess has received a grant to start her school.
(c) Bess must divorce Robert who has gone mad.
(d) Bess must move closer to the village to avoid being attacked by vengeful Indians.

9. What happens when Will Hallet arrives to see Bess?
(a) Bess does not tell him she is pregnant with Robert's child.
(b) Bess tells him to go away.
(c) Will tells Bess he is engaged to a Boston girl.
(d) They realize they are in love.

10. What surprise awaits Bess as she arrives at the governor's mansion?
(a) Robert Feake has returned to reconcile with Bess.
(b) John Winthrop is not really dead and wants Bess to suffer for her sins.
(c) Will and Bess are given permission to marry and their land is reinstated to them.
(d) Jack Winthrop reveals his love for Bess.

11. What happiness does Bess have in her life now?
(a) Bess is pregnant again with Will's child.
(b) Her daughter, Hannah, is turning eighteen and is about to be betrothed to a man named John Browne.
(c) Bess finally has all the money she could ever need.
(d) Bess will be able to return to England for an extended visit soon.

12. Why do Bess and Will travel to New Amsterdam?
(a) To secure a divorce for Bess, freeing her to marry Will
(b) To look into having Robert commited for insanity
(c) To buy more guns for the next Indian uprising
(d) To buy more land surrounding Greenwich

13. What do the Feakes and Patricks purchase from Telaka's father, Mianos?
(a) Fur and tanned skins
(b) All the land named Greenwich
(c) Corn and other seeds
(d) Meat and game

14. Where do Will and Bess live now?
(a) Boston
(b) Ipswich
(c) Salem
(d) Pequot

15. How does Bess perceive her new son-in-law, Thomas?
(a) He is industrious and wants to get started on a home for Joan.
(b) He is a God-fearing man with strict ideas about marriage.
(c) He is lazy and wants to take control of Bess' property.
(d) He is kind but not very smart.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who will be moving to Greenwich, much to Bess' delight?

2. Where do Will and Bess now live?

3. What does Bess learn about her son-in-law?

4. How do the Feakes children manage to stay well during this winter?

5. On what grounds will the governor grant Bess' divorce from Robert?

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