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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Will and Bess escape their dire fate?
(a) John Winthrop intervenes on their behalf with the governor.
(b) They manage to sail to England.
(c) Jack Winthrop rescues them and gives them six acres and a home.
(d) They are able to convince the governor to reverse their punishment.

2. Under whose jurisdiction does the Feakes-Patrick land fall after the meeting?
(a) The Puritans
(b) The Dutch
(c) The Papists
(d) The Germans

3. What does Bess do after the birth of her son two days before Christmas?
(a) She begins to sew baby clothes.
(b) She holds a celebration with pine boughs, candles, and dancing.
(c) She makes arrangements for the child's christening.
(d) She sends out birth announcements.

4. Bess learns that ____________________ has returned to Boston.
(a) Toby Feake
(b) Jack Winthrop
(c) Will Hallet
(d) Robert Seaford

5. What is Robert Feake's condition?
(a) Robert has become a minister.
(b) Robert is more robust than he has been in years.
(c) Robert has remarried and has his new wife with him.
(d) Robert lives in a fantasy world and thinks he is still with Bess.

6. What illnesses plague the villagers during the harsh winter?
(a) measles and mumps
(b) cholera and scurvy
(c) cholera and tuberculosis
(d) tuberculosis and scurvy

7. Who does Bess happily encounter in Plymouth?
(a) Jack Winthrop
(b) Robert Seaford
(c) Will Hallet
(d) Daniel Patrick

8. Of what are Bess and Telaka accused?
(a) Witchcraft
(b) Theft
(c) Sacrilege
(d) Public indecency

9. Bess is grief stricken to learn that ________________________ has died.
(a) Anneke Patrick
(b) Margaret Winthrop
(c) Robert Seaford
(d) Jack Winthrop

10. Why does Toby Feake stop in Plymouth on the trip taking Bess and her family to New Amsterdam?
(a) To buy some rum
(b) To buy some tobacco
(c) To attend church services
(d) So that Bess can buy coats to trade with the Indians

11. Why are the Indians in the New Netherlands on the warpath?
(a) The Dutch governor, Kieft, massacred Indians who had come to him for help.
(b) The Indians are tired of the Europeans moving in on their lands.
(c) The Indian chiefs have received messages from their ancestors that it is time to wage war.
(d) The Europeans do not make fair trades with the Indians.

12. What does Bess enjoy most about their new home?
(a) Bathing in the ocean and exploring the woods
(b) There are more opportunities to shop and trade.
(c) Preparing fresh seafood every day
(d) They are neighbors to Daniel Patrick and his family.

13. When Daniel and Toby return, what do they bring with them?
(a) The head of Ben Palmer and the dead body of Mianos
(b) The head of Mianos and the dead body of John Winthrop
(c) The head of Mianos and the murdered corpse of Ben Palmer
(d) The head of Mianos and the dead body of Telaka

14. Who has been writing to John Winthrop in an attempt to get what might be due to Joan from her late father's holdings in Barbados as well as to contest the paper signed by Robert Feake granting his property to Bess and Will?
(a) Thomas Lyon
(b) Jack Whitford
(c) Toby Feake
(d) Governor Stuyvesant

15. What happiness does Bess have in her life now?
(a) Her daughter, Hannah, is turning eighteen and is about to be betrothed to a man named John Browne.
(b) Bess is pregnant again with Will's child.
(c) Bess will be able to return to England for an extended visit soon.
(d) Bess finally has all the money she could ever need.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has instilled fear in the residents of the New Amsterdam area?

2. What happens when Will tells Bess about the governor's answer?

3. Will and Bess organize a festival for which holiday?

4. Where will Joan and Thomas live?

5. What does Will discover when he visits Watertown?

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