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Anya Seton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What really concerns Edward Howes about what is going on in the Fones household?
(a) That Bess has fallen in love with Robert Seaton
(b) That Martha is not being tutored
(c) That Robert Seaton may be a Catholic
(d) That Mr. Fones is near death

2. Of what crime has Peyto been accused?
(a) Stealing from the Winthrops
(b) Being a witch
(c) Drinking too much rum
(d) Playing cards on Sunday

3. To what is Bess looking forward?
(a) Learning to cook
(b) Raising a child
(c) Going to Barbados with Harry
(d) Sewing some new clothes

4. What is the name of the ship that Harry's friend, Willaim Pelham, sails on to New England?
(a) Mayflower
(b) Majestic
(c) Mystic
(d) Monarch

5. Why is Bess' servant, Sally, jailed?
(a) Devil worship
(b) Speaking out against the church elders
(c) Venery (indulgence in sexual pleasure)
(d) Theft

6. What is the personality of Anne Fones' mother?
(a) Sick and tired
(b) Happy and boisterous
(c) Stern and formal
(d) Pleasant and caring

7. Who does Bess become interested in on the ship's journey to New England?
(a) Will Hallett
(b) Walter Dyer
(c) Warner Seaford
(d) William Congreve

8. Who is Anne's brother who still lives at home?
(a) John Winthrop
(b) Robert Winthrop
(c) Thomas Winthrop
(d) Harry Winthrop

9. What action by the king infuriates Emmannuel Downing, John Winthrop and others?
(a) The king has claimed the Roman Catholic Church as the only church in England.
(b) The king has changed the marriage laws.
(c) The king has granted territory in America to other men.
(d) The king has issued higher taxes on rum.

10. What effect does Jack Winthrop's arrival at Groton have on Elizabeth?
(a) Her peace of mind is disturbed.
(b) She hardly knows Jack is around.
(c) She throws herself on Jack.
(d) She does not know what she ever saw in him.

11. What is the name of the Indian woman Bess takes as a maid?
(a) Pequot
(b) Tempest
(c) Mariah
(d) Telaka

12. Who is Bess' stepmother?
(a) Pamela
(b) Patricia
(c) Prudence
(d) Priscilla

13. Now that Bess is a widow, who do the Winthrops want her to consider marrying?
(a) William Coddington
(b) Warner Seaford
(c) Walter Raleigh
(d) William Congreve

14. Why is Anne Hutchinson excommunicated from the church?
(a) She has destroyed her Bible.
(b) She refuses to attend church services.
(c) She is accused of being a witch.
(d) She has disgraced her husband in public.

15. What has Bess' cousin, Harry, sent from Barbados?
(a) Beaded jewelry
(b) Coconut milk
(c) Rum
(d) Inferior tobacco

Short Answer Questions

1. What vision has Peyto revealed to Bess?

2. What does Bess need after visiting Anne Hutchinson's house?

3. What is Bess teaching children?

4. Who is Jack Winthrop's new wife?

5. What does Jack give to Bess to use as a signal that she needs help?

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