The Winthrop Woman Short Essay - Answer Key

Anya Seton
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1. What is the relationship of Elizabeth, the main character, to the powerful Winthrop family?

Elizabeth is related to the Winthrops through her mother, Anne, who was a Winthrop before she married Thomas Fones. Anne had lived a wealthy life at the Winthrop family manor in Groton before moving to cramped living conditions with her husband, Thomas, an apothecary in London.

2. Why is Groton Manor a wonderland to the Fones children?

Groton Manor is a children's wonderland with ponies, ponds, woods, castle ruins and an old mill. After living in their cramped quarters in London, the children are delighted to be able to run and play in the vast acreage of the Winthrop family manor.

3. What is the environment inside Groton Manor?

The environment inside Groton Manor is restrictive and the children are bored easily by the seemingly unending piety and prayers. The elder Mrs. Winthrop is stern and strict and an air of disapproval hangs over the children. The children have been taught that papists and their religion are evil and, although they do not call themselves Puritans, the elderly Mrs. Winthrop and her grown children practice a very strict form of Protestantism.

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