Objects & Places from The Winthrop Woman

Anya Seton
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Groton Manner

This is the Winthrop family home in England where Bess Fones' mother was raised, and where Bess received a whipping that affected her for the rest of her life.

Fones Apothecary

Elizabeth Fones' father, Thomas, owns this business in London, which is where Elizabeth learns how to make mithridate and other medicines.


Harry Winthrop went as a young man to this location to make his fortune growing tobacco. He did not do well in this venture, and squandered his father's investment. Later, some of the Bay Colony's settlers migrate here to escape John Winthrop's iron-fisted governing.

Massachusetts Bay Colony

This is the name of the charter granted to the colony, led by John Winthrop, that sailed to New England.

Newtown, Massachusetts

The area which later became known as Cambridge, on the outskirts of Boston, this location is where Thomas Dudley lived, and where Dudley wanted...

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