Daily Lessons for Teaching The Winthrop Woman

Anya Seton
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter One)


Life at Groton Manor is a study of deep contrasts of asceticism amid a natural wonderland. The objective of this lesson is to explore the concept of something having competing natures.


Lead a class discussion on the meaning of asceticism. Ask the students to provide examples with which they are familiar. Then ask the students to consider the complete reverse as illustrated by the natural wonderland of Groton Manor. Do they have any situations in their own lives that can compare with the situation facing the Fones children? Is there a person, place or thing in the students' lives that has such diverse characteristics or qualities that render them almost impossible to manage? For example, does a student have a parent who vacillates between being very strict and very generous and loving, all based on whims and no particular structure?

Divide the class into small...

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