The Winthrop Woman Fun Activities

Anya Seton
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Who is King Charles?

Do some research on King Charles and make a poster of his life including a timeline indicating major events.

Puritans or Pilgrims?

Many people believe that Puritans and Pilgrims are the same people. Do some research on both and write a paper delineating their differences and the things they had in common.

The Mysteries of the Apothecary

Imagine that you are Bess Fones and just learning her father's trade as an apothecary. What would the building look like? What would line the shelves and be held in drawers? Would Bess have to forage to find herbs, berries and other natural medicinals?

Explore Groton Manor

Imagine that the Fones family has invited you to come along on their visit to Groton Manor. Create a diorama of the interior and exterior grounds of the manor as it would have looked in the mid-1600s.

A Night on the Town in Old London

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