The Winthrop Woman Character Descriptions

Anya Seton
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Elizabeth (Bess) Fones

The main character in this story, she is a freedom-loving, independent English woman whose personality tends to get her into trouble in the strict and religious environment of her family and community during a tumultuous time in history.

John Winthrop

This character, the venerable governor of the Bay Colony, is initially Bess's uncle, although when she marries his son, he becomes her father. He is asked to lead the colony to the new world and, in his passionate religiosity, becomes overzealous and cruel.

Jack Winthrop

The older son of John and his first wife, Anne, this character is industrious, smart and kind. His love for his first cousin, Bess, is confusing for him at times, and he marries her sister, Martha for reasons that are not clear, even to him.

Henry (Harry) Winthrop

This character is the wilder son of John, who marries Bess Fones...

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