Objects & Places from The Winter of Our Discontent

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Grocery Store

This is never named in the novel, but it is Ethan's place of humiliation, contemplation, plotting, conversations and eventually success.

Ethan's Special Place

This is a secretive space near the pier on the harbor and is actually more dangerous than a sanctuary should be.

Hawley Family Home

This is within walking distance of everything, and this is where all of the main character's true treasures reside.


This is a stone with strange carvings that seems to have an inner light.


This is where Mr. Baker works.

New Baytown

This is Ethan's home town, and he has only left it to go to Harvard and off to war.

Masonic Items

These include a sword, a hat, and a box to carry some of these items in.

Narwhal Cane

This is a carved object that was used by the main character's grandfather during the later years...

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