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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, The Isle of the Dead, pgs. 332-361.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In battle, Lancelot preens as commander of the city and demands that the whole defense be conducted from behind the walls, protected by the ____.
(a) Monks.
(b) Walls.
(c) Tides.
(d) Priests.

2. Ban introduces Derfel to Fr. ____.
(a) Arwen.
(b) Calvin.
(c) Celwin.
(d) Anren.

3. A temple to ____ is being rebuilt by the Christians as an artless chapel for Mordred.
(a) Mercury.
(b) Saturn.
(c) Mars.
(d) Venus.

4. Galahad and Derfel are admitted to Gorfyddyd's great hall where Gundleus and ____ are enthroned beside him.
(a) Galahad.
(b) Cuneglas.
(c) Lancelot.
(d) Mordred.

5. ____ is the place that Cadwy is from.
(a) Ithaca.
(b) Incarn.
(c) Isca.
(d) Iscaprn.

Short Answer Questions

1. ____ rushes out to rescue women and children but is cut down and staked up to serve as a warning.

2. Returning to Arthur, Derfel learns that Guinevere is ____.

3. ____ is the person who is convinced to fight Owain as Tristan's champion.

4. ____ takes the offensive in the fight with Arthur until he slips in the mud.

5. During another morale-building tour of the library, Derfel is put under oath to save Fr. Celwin's ____.

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