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Caer Cadarn

As the sacred place of the pagans where the kings of Dumnonia are acclaimed, this place, with its great hall and high ramparts, provides the novel's opening and is several times revisited.


A fictional monastery in Powys, this place is where the elderly pagan warrior Derfel Cadarn, the novel's narrator, has become a monk and is recording on parchments his eyewitness stories of Arthur.


As the dominant Kingdom in modern-day southwest England, this place is home to most of the major events in the novel.


A Roman town on the River Severn, this place, located just inside the border of Gwent, is the scene of the first High Council meeting in Britain in sixty years.


A kingdom lying southeast of the Powys, this place is ruled by Christian kings who restrain their subjects from the ecstatic practices that are beginning to plague...

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