Daily Lessons for Teaching The Winter King: A Novel of Arthur

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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, A Child in Winter, pgs. 3-51)


As the book opens, Uther is desperate for an heir to his throne, so he summons Morgan, a druid, to help during Norwenna's labor, even though Norwenna disapproves of Pagan rituals. The objective of this lesson is to discuss reasons for Uther's desperation, as well as to examine how desperation affects a person's better judgment, in general.


Class Activity:

Uther is desperate to find an heir because he is dying. Ask each student to write an in-class essay of 500 words or more on what they would do if they knew they were dying, like Uther. Do they feel that they would be as desperate to accomplish anything before their death? If so, what would it be? If not, why not?

Class Discussion 1:

Why is Uther so desperate to find an heir? Do the students feel that it was right for Uther to summon Morgan, or...

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