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Essay Topic 1

The female characters in the story, such as Ceinwyn, are often used as pawns in a bid to win power or unite kingdoms. Write a detailed essay describing two times where that occurred in the novel and also describing how you feel about the women being used in such a way. Would you have done something differently, if you were in charge of the situation? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

There are many male characters in positions of power in the novel. Choose any two from the following list and compare and contrast them to each other by writing lists of each character's traits or how they acted in certain situations. Write about two of your favorite characters and why based on that information.

1. Arthur

2. Gorfyddyd

3. Lancelot

4. Derfel

5. Galahad

6. Tristan

Essay Topic 3

Love versus honor is a key theme in the novel. For example, Arthur...

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