The Winter King: A Novel of Arthur Character Descriptions

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Derfel Cadarn

The narrator of The Winter King, this person, is a tall, dull, and flaxen-haired Saxon, captured with their mother by King Gundleus of Siluria and Gundleus' Druid, Tanaburs. This person survives being sacrificed in the Death Pit and is adopted by the Druid Merlin along with Nimue who survives a shipwreck.


The eldest living son of King Uther, Warlord of Dumnonia, husband of Guinevere, and protector of the underage King Mordred, this person is the dominant figure in this novel. This person is twenty-five or twenty-six years old as the book opens. Queen Igraine of Powys, who has commissioned this person's righthand man, Derfel Cadarn, to write about this person, believes the myths of Camelot while Derfel tries instead to tell the historical truth.


This person is seized by Saxons and alone escapes a shipwreck, which gives them a life-long devotion to Manawydan, Goddess...

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