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Part 1, A Child in Winter, pgs. 3-51

• As winter nears, the old Monk Derfel scribes stories about Arthur for Queen Igraine of Powys.

• In the last year of the High King Uther's reign, Princess Norwenna shrieks in hard labor in Caer Cadarn.

• Uther, desperate for an heir, summons Morgan to take over the birthing.

• Clubfooted future King Mordred is born.
• Norwenna, Mordred, and a retinue arrive in Ynys Wydryn, Merlin's realm, already crowded with children like Nimue and Derfel, who are learning under Morgan to become Druids to restore Britain's proper Gods.

• Pagans and Christians taunt one another's sanctuaries, Thorn and Holy Thorn.

• Derfel learns the truth about the death of the Edling or Crown Prince Mordred, which Uther blames on Arthur.

• With Arthur banished, the Saxons can resume their conquests.

• One day, Bp. Bedwin, King Gundleus of Siluria, and Gundleus' Druid Tanaburs arrive to examine Norwenna as...

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