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Honda - This is what Thomas Donovan was in when he involved himself in a chase with LuAnn.

Joy - This is LuAnn's horse.

Wicken's Hunt - This is the home LuAnn purchases when she moves back to the United States.

Charlottesville, Virginia - This is where LuAnn settles upon her return to the States.

Mask - This is what Jackson always wears to conceal his identity.

Penthouse - This is where Jackson lives.

Scar - LuAnn receives this during her feud with Duane's drug dealing companion.

Clock - This is LuAnn's only family heirloom.

Lottery Ticket - This is what LuAnn purchased at Jackson's command after their first agreement.

Rikersville, Georgia - This is LuAnn's home town.

New York City - This is where the national lottery headquarters are located.

Number One Truck Stop - This is where LuAnn worked before winning the lottery.

Duane's Trailer...

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