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This is what Thomas Donovan was in when he involved himself in a chase with LuAnn.


This is LuAnn's horse.

Wicken's Hunt

This is the home LuAnn purchases when she moves back to the United States.

Charlottesville, Virginia

This is where LuAnn settles upon her return to the States.


This is what Jackson always wears to conceal his identity.


This is where Jackson lives.


LuAnn receives this during her feud with Duane's drug dealing companion.


This is LuAnn's only family heirloom.

Lottery Ticket

This is what LuAnn purchased at Jackson's command after their first agreement.

Rikersville, Georgia

This is LuAnn's home town.

New York City

This is where the national lottery headquarters are located.

Number One Truck Stop

This is where LuAnn worked before winning the lottery.

Duane's Trailer

This is where LuAnn lived with her boyfriend and baby.


This is...

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