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Lesson 1 (from Part One: Chapters 1-4)


Part One: Chapters 1-4- When we first meet LuAnn, she is partaking in an odd job interview that doesn't appear to be what it seems. This observation by LuAnn allows the author to present the book's protagonist in a different light and shows us a first hand example of her clever nature. This lesson will examine the protagonist in the book.


1. Group Activity: The protagonist of the book, LuAnn, appears to be a complex character with great intelligence and drive. Have the class split into groups of four and create a list of descriptions given to the protagonist, LuAnn, thus far in the book. After your group completes the list, have one member share your findings with the rest of class.

2. Class Discussion: How does the author try to make the protagonist more relatable to the reader? What emotions do you feel when you...

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