The Winner Character Descriptions

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Luann Tyler (aka Catherine Savage)

This person is a young mother who becomes involved in a lottery scheme.

Jackson (aka Peter Crane)

This person is the mastermind of the lottery scheme.

Matt Riggs (aka Daniel Buckman)

This person is in the witness protection program.

Uncle Charlie

This person is a protector of the protagonist and escorts her across the world.

Duane Harvey

This person is killed by an assassin during a drug deal.

Thomas Donovan

This person is a reporter for the Washington Tribune.

Alicia Crane

This person is a classy socialite with simple taste.

Shirley Watson

This person is found in bed with someone else's boyfriend and is thrown outside in the nude.


This person is an assassin who tries to blackmail others.

Sally Beecham

This person is a housekeeper at Wicken's Hunt.

John Pemberton

This person is the Realtor that shows Wicken's Hunt.

George Masters

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