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Part One: Chapters 1-4

• A man calling himself Jackson conducts a job interview with a young single mother named LuAnn.

• LuAnn goes to the job interview, but has enough perception to realize it is a hoax.
• LuAnn lives with her boyfriend Duane and her daughter Lisa in a trailer in rural Georgia.

• LuAnn only has one prized possession, an old clock that is a family heirloom, and she holds it in high regard.
• Jackson confesses to LuAnn that he doesn't want to hire her for a job, but for her to participate in a lottery scam in which he would rig it for her to win.

• LuAnn tells him she will have an answer for him in two days.

Part One: Chapters 5-9

• LuAnn returns home to find Duane in bed with another woman from town.

• She throws the woman out of the house and punches Duane.
• When...

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