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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 18, what day of the week does Merton come to Lancaster Gate?

2. In Chapter 34, what time did Mrs. Lowder ask Merton to come?

3. What is the month at the beginning of Chapter 33?

4. In Chapter 30, who comes from the palace to see Merton at is lodging?

5. In Chapter 30, who tells Merton that Milly is not receiving guests?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 23, when and where does Sir Strett agree to see Milly again?

2. How do Kate and Merton get time to talk alone in Chapter 27?

3. Why does Susan come alone to dinner in Chapter 19?

4. Who are some of the guests at Milly’s party in Chapter 28?

5. Why does Merton go to see Kate on Christmas Day?

6. Who is Eugenio?

7. What does Merton want to do with the money Milly has left him?

8. Eventually, what reason does Susan give for Merton not being received at the palace?

9. Why was Sir Mark with Maud earlier Christmas Day?

10. When Merton asks Eugenio why the ladies are not receiving guests, what does Eugenio tell him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Chapter 22, Sir Street discusses Milly’s illness with Susan. Why isn’t Milly present during the discussion? How does Susan feel when she learns that Milly is dying? What does she determine to do once she knows how sick Milly is? To whom is all of Susan’s concern directed when she learns about Milly’s condition?

Essay Topic 2

Kate’s father seems to have a superficial relationship with her. Why did Kate volunteer to care for her father? Was she more concerned about his welfare or her own when she made that offer? Why wasn’t her father around for much of her growing up years? How does Kate feel about her father’s absence? Why doesn’t Lionel want Kate to stay with him and care for him? Is he concerned about his welfare or hers? What type of relationship do the two have?

Essay Topic 3

Merton has a number of assets, but not the type that please Maud. What are Merton’s physical assets? Would his education be an asset? Is his character an asset or a liability? What does Maud consider some of his liabilities?

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