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Short Answer Questions

1. What doctor is seeing Milly in Chapter 31?

2. How long does Strett recommend that Milly leave and then return to London?

3. In the beginning of Chapter 20, what do the guests and hosts do after dinner?

4. Who is the one person that Maud hasn’t been able to handle?

5. At the beginning of Chapter 28, when will Milly join the others?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 30, what does Merton do after visiting Milly?

2. Where is Milly staying in Venice?

3. In Chapter 19, what does Kate ask Merton to do?

4. How do Kate and Merton get time to talk alone in Chapter 27?

5. Why is Lionel Croy staying with Marian?

6. According to Kate, what was the reason for Lord Mark’s short visit to Venice?

7. Why does Merton go to see Kate on Christmas Day?

8. What is Densher’s routine the first eight days he is in Venice?

9. What do Susan and Maud discuss in Chapter 22?

10. Where does Kate meet Merton when he first gets back from America?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At the end of the novel, Kate states that Merton was in love with Milly. When does Kate believe that Merton loved Milly? Does she believe that he still loves Milly? Does Merton seem to be vague about his feelings for Milly? Does Merton seem to be in love with Milly’s memory?

Essay Topic 2

Lord Mark seems desperate to improve his financial situation. How does marriage figure into Lord Mark’s plans to improve his finances? Who does he consider marrying first? Who does he think of marrying when that doesn’t work out? What does he do when Milly isn’t interested in his proposal? What is he reduced to doing to improve his financial situation?

Essay Topic 3

Maud and Milly are both wealthy women. How does Maud use her money? How does Milly use hers? What is the difference between the ways the two use their wealth? Which woman is more controlling because of her wealth? Which woman is more altruistic?

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