The Wings of the Dove Character Descriptions

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Milly Theale

This character is a wealthy heiress from New York who has an illness that may be fatal.

Kate Croy

This character has been taken in by her wealthy aunt and cannot secure her aunt’s approval for marriage.

Merton Densher

This character is a poor journalist who is not able to marry because of his social status.

Maud Lowder

This character is a wealthy woman who is very controlling and manipulates others to achieve her goals.

Susan Stringham

This character is an American who is poor and who writes for magazines in order to support herself.

Lord Mark

This character woos two women and is an opportunistic, insensitive individual.

Sir Luke Strett

This character is a doctor who even travels to Venice to care for a patient.


This character is a very poor widow who has small children.


This character is a personal assistant...

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