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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Maturin think happened between the woman and Martin?

2. What has risen from the sea in the region where Surprise is sailing?

3. What do the Franklin and Surprise exchange when close enough?

4. What does Aubrey note after examining Franklin's papers?

5. What color have the seas turned by the end of Chapter 1?

Short Essay Questions

1. What kind of region has Surprise sail into in Chapter 2 and what has happened in that region?

2. What were the mortar rounds the Surprise crew thought were being sent at them?

3. Why has Dutourd commissioned the Franklin and what does he plan to do?

4. What does Franklin do to attempt to lose Surprise?

5. What does Dutourd say about surrender and what does Aubrey discover in Franklin's papers?

6. How does Dutourd behave aboard the Surprise?

7. What does Surprise do about Franklin after they have made the most urgent repairs?

8. Who is Clarissa Harvill, why was she on the Surprise, and what did Aubrey make her do?

9. How did Clarissa affect the crew of the Surprise?

10. What do Maturin and Aubrey do as they sail to Peru?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

O'Brian is masterful in his description of battles and life in general in for a soldier during the the early 1800s. Discuss one of the following:

1. Trace and analyze O'Brian's descriptive passages about life as a sailor. How does he use descriptions of the five senses to make the reader feel s/he is there? Do you find his descriptions compelling? Seemingly accurate? How would the novel be different if O'Brian did not include such descriptive passages?

2. Analyze O'Brian's descriptive passages about the social structure of the times and discuss what you think it would be like to be a person of wealth and/or privilege such as Aubrey or Maturin or Dutourd. Contrast that to the lives of those who are in a lower social strata such as Vidal or Eduardo.

3. Describe and analyze O'Brian's descriptive passages about the topographical setting and the physical descriptions of the people. Does O'Brian do an adequate job of actually making the reader "see" the land/sea where the action is taking place? How about getting a visual image of the characters? How does the descriptions of the setting add to the novel? Do you like having an idea of how a character looks? How would the novel be different without such descriptions?

Essay Topic 2

At the conclusion of a novel, most readers either consciously or unconsciously engage in processing the book and usually come to a conclusion as to whether they like the book or not. Discuss one of the following:

1. Would you consider The Wine-dark Sea a "good" book? Why or why not? Use examples to illustrate your stance.

2. What do you think are the elements of an outstanding novel? Analyze one of your favorite novels to see if those elements are present.

3. What are some reasons you might consider a novel a failure? Analyze a novel you think is a failure and see if those elements are in that novel.

Essay Topic 3

The Wine-dark Sea, like many, and perhaps a majority, of novels ends on a happy note in that the Surprise was saved by an English battleship.

1. Why do you think many (most?) people want what they perceive as a happy ending to a novel? Explain your opinion. Do you? Why or why not?

2. What are three reasons to read fiction? Discuss each one in light of The Wine-dark Sea and whether or not it fulfills all three, two or one of the reasons you mention. Give examples as to why The Wine-dark Sea is or is not successful in fulfilling the reasons you discuss.

3. State what you think are three characteristics of a successful novel and whether or not The Wine-dark Sea in your opinion is a successful novel.

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