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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Maturin feel about the possible success of the rebellion?
(a) Cautiously optimistic.
(b) Pessimistic.
(c) Very confident.
(d) Uncertain.

2. What is not going to take place?
(a) Refitting.
(b) Recruiting.
(c) Negotiations.
(d) The rebellion.

3. What is the name of the mule upon which Maturin travels out of Callao?
(a) Casilla.
(b) Joselito.
(c) Burroito.
(d) Pedro.

4. Where does Maturin go when he ascends into the Andes the first time?
(a) A coca farm.
(b) A convent.
(c) The home of a powerful landowner.
(d) A Benedictine Monastery.

5. What does Aubrey catch sight of while looking for a prize?
(a) An American battleship.
(b) An American whaler.
(c) A French pirate.
(d) A Spanish galleon.

6. Why is the American from question #94 not guilty of treason?
(a) He joined the crew before the outbreak of war.
(b) He owns the ship.
(c) He has been rejected by the British military.
(d) He has dual citizenship.

7. What condition seems to be covering Martin's skin?
(a) Measles.
(b) Small pox.
(c) Boils.
(d) Salt lesions.

8. What does Aubrey do with Alastor?
(a) It is donated to the Peruvian Navy.
(b) It is sold.
(c) It is sent to England.
(d) It is sunk.

9. How is Martin doing physically by Chapter 6?
(a) He will not recover.
(b) He should be well within another week.
(c) He is completely healed.
(d) He is in for a long recuperation.

10. What does Maturin describe in his letter to his wife from Peru?
(a) The tensions involved in his mission.
(b) The local flora and fauna.
(c) Aubrey's illegitimate son.
(d) What he finds humorous about the Peruvians.

11. What does Maturin do when when Martin comes to sick call?
(a) Ignores him.
(b) Puts him to bed.
(c) Sends him to the galley for food.
(d) Has him arrested.

12. What is getting in the way of Aubrey's plans on the Franklin?
(a) A vandal who has wrecked all the boats.
(b) His head injury.
(c) Vidal is not on board the vessel.
(d) A large storm area.

13. What does Pullings report to Aubrey?
(a) That Surprise's stores spoiled in the topical heat.
(b) That Surprise is fully refitted and ready for sea duty.
(c) That Surpise is still awaiting critical repairs.
(d) That many of Surprise's crew were drafted by other English ships.

14. What does Aubrey do with the ship they have captured from question #91?
(a) Sent to port to be condemned as a prize.
(b) Tows it behind the Franklin.
(c) Sends it away with no terms.
(d) Takes off the crew and sinks it.

15. What does Pullings do when he encounters the next prize ship?
(a) Engages in a vicious boarding action.
(b) Sets the ship on fire.
(c) Rams the ship in the bow.
(d) Waits for Surprise.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who hails Pullings?

2. What does Pullings do after readying Surprise?

3. How does Aubrey and the other men look?

4. What does Eduardo do for a living?

5. What does Maturin request of Aubrey in port?

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