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HM Hired Vessel Surprise

This is a private man-of-war owned by Jack Aubrey and hired by the Royal Navy to prosecute official business as a hired vessel.


This is a privateer bearing twenty-two nine-pounder guns. She is captained by Jean Dutourd, who has appeared in previous novels in the series.


This is a heavy French privateer turned pirate in the South Pacific.


This is a particularly stalwart and tame mule that Maturin uses throughout the middle portion of the novel.


This is a type of 'written' language used by the Peruvian Indians in general and Eduardo in particular.


These are a high mountain range running from north to south throughout the length of Peru and Chile.

Cape Horn

This is the southern-most tip of South America and is a notoriously dangerous area for sailing.


This is a short smooth bore cannon used...

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