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Short Answer Questions

1. What advise does Mamiya leave Toru with in Chapter 32?

2. What is the veterinarian worrying about at the beginning of Chapter 26?

3. What decision has Cinnamon made regarding the business in Chapter 24?

4. What does Toru do in Chapter 29 when he tires of going to the well?

5. Where are Toru and May Kasahara as they talk in Chapter 39?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Toru realize about his marriage to Kumiko in Chapter 34?

2. How did Nutmeg first discover her healing powers?

3. How does Lieutenant Mamiya meet Boris the Manskinner for the second time?

4. What sad reality does May Kasahara admit to in Chapter 18's letter?

5. What problem does Ushikawa admit with Kumiko's meeting Toru, and how does he solve it in Chapter 19?

6. What offer does Noboru Wataya make Toru Okada in Chapter 13?

7. What war atrocity occurs in Chapter 26's story?

8. What circle of connections does Toru Okada uncover in Chapter 23?

9. Describe Mamiya's assassination attempt on Boris in Chapter 32.

10. What questions about The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle does Toru have in Chapter 27?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The central antagonist of the novel is Noboru Wataya, a generally unpleasant but popular politician. Write an essay exploring the character arc of Noboru Wataya. How does he go from malcontent intellectual to beloved politician in such a short period? What is his opinion of Toru Okaka, and Toru's opinion of him? Describe the initial secret that Toru knows about Noboru and how this secret gives rise to a much large incrimination of Noboru Wataya. In the end, does Noboru get what he deserves?

Essay Topic 2

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is a n example of magical realist literature. In it, the fantastical and the realistic intermingle without indication that this is strange in any way. Write an essay about this intermingling, using Toru Okada as a surrogate for the reader. What fantastical events does Toru experience, and how does he react to them? Is he shocked, or are they seamlessly integrated into the rest of his life? What function do these events serve in his day to day existence?

Essay Topic 3

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is a vast menagerie of different storylines and themes. One theme that lingers beneath the surface of the central narrative is the legacy of the Second World War and its psychically wounding effect. Write an essay about the war's place in the novel, in two parts below:

Part 1) Write a paragraph about the veterinarian and his days in the Chinese zoo as the allies approach. How do the few events mentioned in the book about this man indicate an absurd force driving the war? What does Murakami mean to get across about the war by the fact that these stories are told by two characters that never fought in World War Two?

Part 2) Write a paragraph about the war stories of Lieutenant Mamiya. To what extent does Mamiya's narrative illustrate the brutal realities of war? How have these experiences affected Mamiya is the War's end? How are they a counterpoint to the stories of the veterinarian?

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