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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Nutmeg's husband murdered?
(a) His studio.
(b) A hotel room.
(c) Their home.
(d) An alley.

2. How does Ushikawa describe the work he does from Noboru Wataya?
(a) Odd jobs.
(b) Dirty jobs.
(c) Hands-on jobs.
(d) Shadow jobs.

3. According to the article in Chapter 21, what component of the dummy corporation has been linked to political scandals?
(a) Its accounting firm.
(b) Its CEO.
(c) Its realtor.
(d) Its car service.

4. At the beginning of Chapter 25, why is Toru heartened by his life?
(a) His cat has returned.
(b) His business is successful.
(c) He has people in his life.
(d) He has spoken to Kumiko.

5. What decision has Cinnamon made regarding the business in Chapter 24?
(a) They should expand to a second location.
(b) They should cease seeing customers temporarily.
(c) They should permanently close.
(d) They should fire Toru Okada,

6. At what time is May Kasahara writing her letter in Chapter 18?
(a) 2:30 AM.
(b) 10:00 AM.
(c) 8:00 PM.
(d) 4:30 PM.

7. What strange part of her anatomy does Malto Kano reveal in Chapter 30?
(a) Cloven hooves.
(b) Male genitalia.
(c) A third breast.
(d) A tail.

8. What does May do the night when she feels genuinely happy?
(a) She sings to herself.
(b) She wuits her job.
(c) She takes off her clothes.
(d) She goes for a swim.

9. At the end of Chapter 15, May says that what about her new home sometimes overwhelms her?
(a) The weather.
(b) The disconnection.
(c) The conservative folk.
(d) The loneliness.

10. Why is Mamiya given more access to the Russian camp than most Japanese prisoners in his Chapter 30 letter?
(a) The Russians find him amusing.
(b) He bribes a Russian official.
(c) He is an officer.
(d) He can speak Russian.

11. In Chapter 28, what type of lessons does May Kasahara remember the Miyawaki girl taking?
(a) Piano.
(b) Ballet.
(c) Karate.
(d) Tennis.

12. What political party does Yoshitaka Wataya belong to?
(a) The reformists.
(b) The labor.
(c) The libertarians.
(d) The conservatives.

13. What word do May's parents have to explain to her regarding the Miyawakis in Chapter 28?
(a) Abscond.
(b) Tragedy.
(c) Suicide.
(d) Alleviate.

14. What is the title of the document Toru finds in the computer at the end of Chapter 25?
(a) The Zoo Massacre.
(b) Kumiko's Disappearance.
(c) Norweigan Wood.
(d) The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.

15. What does May Kasahara find herself doing often after the suicides at the Miyawaki house?
(a) Staring at the house.
(b) Dropping things in the well.
(c) Trying to remember things about the daughter.
(d) Crying.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Toru Okada's main concern about chatting with Kumiko on a computer in Chapter 19?

2. What is the first order that the Lieutenant gives the prisoners upon arriving at the zoo?

3. What is the veterinarian worrying about at the beginning of Chapter 26?

4. Near the end of Chapter 18, May says that she woke up one day discovered what?

5. What does Toru do in Chapter 29 when he tires of going to the well?

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