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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3 Chapter 26: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle #8 (or, A Second Clumsy Massacre) (Pgs. 507-522) | Book 3 Chapter 27: Cinnamon's Missing Links (Pgs. 523-527).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why can Cinnamon not speak?
(a) He never learned how.
(b) He has been frightened into silence.
(c) He has no tongue.
(d) He decides not to.

2. How did May Kasahara cause her boyfriend's death?
(a) She stabbed him with a fake sword.
(b) She pushed him over a bridge guardrail.
(c) She ran him over with a car.
(d) She covered his eyes on a motorcycle.

3. In Chapter 7, what comes and goes from the "hanging house" with odd regularity?
(a) Celebrities.
(b) Construction workers.
(c) Cats.
(d) Black cars.

4. What changes about the style of writing in Chapter 3?
(a) It changes to French.
(b) It is presented as a newspaper article.
(c) It changes to a third-person point of view.
(d) It switches from prose to poetry.

5. In Lieutenant Mamiya's story of Chapter 12, what does Yanamoto tell Lieutenant Mamiya he must do if they are captured?
(a) Kill Yanamoto.
(b) Flee back into China.
(c) Destroy his personal documents.
(d) Fight to the death.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does May Kasahara invite Toru Okada to do the following day in Chapter 5?

2. What does the factory where May Kasahara works produce?

3. Who is the prophesied caller beginning with "O" that calls Toru Okada in Chapter 1?

4. How does the actress in the Miyawaki house kill herself?

5. How does Ushikawa get into Toru Okada's house in Chapter 13?

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