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Clothes - The protagonist is forced to purchase these items when he forms a new business where he heals celebrities.

A Deep Well - The protagonist goes to this location in order to have a metaphysical experiense.

Toru Okada's Dirty Tennis Shoes - These objects are indicative of a character's sentiment opposing material consumption.

Swimming Goggles - These are used to block a character's vision when he is taken to a secret location.

Telephones - The protagonist meets most of his new acquaintances via this object.

Computer - The protagonist uses this object to speak to his estranged wife.

May Kasahara's Boom Box - This object is always present with a character in a back alley.

The Moon - The protagonist suspects that his life is controlled by this object.

The Wind-Up Bird - A character names himself after this object.

Nutmeg Akasaka's Gold Cigarette Lighter -...

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