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The protagonist is forced to purchase these items when he forms a new business where he heals celebrities.

A Deep Well

The protagonist goes to this location in order to have a metaphysical experiense.

Toru Okada's Dirty Tennis Shoes

These objects are indicative of a character's sentiment opposing material consumption.

Swimming Goggles

These are used to block a character's vision when he is taken to a secret location.


The protagonist meets most of his new acquaintances via this object.


The protagonist uses this object to speak to his estranged wife.

May Kasahara's Boom Box

This object is always present with a character in a back alley.

The Moon

The protagonist suspects that his life is controlled by this object.

The Wind-Up Bird

A character names himself after this object.

Nutmeg Akasaka's Gold Cigarette Lighter

This object indicates a character's wealth and good taste.

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