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Lesson 1 (from Book 1 Chapter 1: Tuesday's Wind-Up Bird ? Six Fingers and Four Breasts (Pgs. 1-23). | Book 1 Chapter 2: Full Moon and Eclipse of the Sun ? On Horses Dying in the Stables (Pgs. 25-31) | Book 1 Chapter 3: Malta Kano's Hat ? Sherbet Tone and Allen Ginsberg and the Crusaders (Pgs. 32- 45))


Haruki Murakami establishes the world of Toru Okada in the first chapters of the novel. It is a world in which he rarely ventures out of his house, but he meets many new and eccentric people.

The objective of this lesson is to understand the nature of Toru Okada's daily existence.


1. Group Discussion: Divide the class into three groups and assign each one of the new women that enters Toru Okada's life in the first 40 pages of the novel: May Kasahara, Malta Kano, and the mysterious woman on the phone. Each group should determine how Toru Okada meets this woman. Is he expecting her? What is their first interaction like? Does he have to stray far from his house to meet her?

2. Class Discussion: Murakami is creating a world in which eccentric people arrive in Toru Okada's world out of the blue. As a class...

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