The Wind-up Bird Chronicle Character Descriptions

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Toru Okada

This character receives a blue mark on his face midway through the novel.

Kumiko Okada

This character has an abortion while her husband is out of town.

Noboru Wataya

This character becomes a political prodigy over the course of the novel.

May Kasahara

This character goes to work at a toupee factory in a provincial town.

Malta Kano

This character spend a lot of time finding water with pure curative powers.

Mr. Honda or Corporal Oishi Honda

This character predicted an ambush while on a mission in Mongolia.

Creta Kano

This character makes her living as a psychic prostitute.

Lieutenant Tokutaro Mamiya

This character witnesses a fellow solider being skinned alive.

The Uncle

This character is renowned for succeed in every business venture he tries.

Noboru Wataya/Mackerel The Cat

This character is an animal that...

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