The Wind-up Bird Chronicle Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Book 1 Chapter 1: Tuesday's Wind-Up Bird ? Six Fingers and Four Breasts (Pgs. 1-23). | Book 1 Chapter 2: Full Moon and Eclipse of the Sun ? On Horses Dying in the Stables (Pgs. 25-31) | Book 1 Chapter 3: Malta Kano's Hat ? Sherbet Tone and Allen Ginsberg and the Crusaders (Pgs. 32- 45)

• Toru Okada meets May Kasahara.

• Toru Okada meets with Malta Kano.

Book 1 Chapter 4: High Towers and Deep Wells (or Far From Nomonhan) (Pgs. 47-55) | Book 1 Chapter 5: Hooked on Lemon Drops ? Flightless Bird and Waterless Well (Pgs. 56-67). | Book 1 Chapter 6: On the Births of Kumiko Okada and Noboru Wataya (Pgs. 68-80)

• Toru Okada agrees to go to work with May Kasahara.

• Toru recalls his marriage to Kumiko and their subsequent break with her family.

Book 1 Chapter 7: The Happy Cleaners ? And Creta Kano Makes Her Entrance (Pgs. 81-86) | Book 1 Chapter 8: Creta Kano's Long Story ? An Inquiry into the Nature of Pain (Pgs. 87-100) | Book 1 Chapter 9: Culverts and an Absolute Insufficiency of Electricity ? May Kasahara's Inquiry Into the Nature of Hairpieces (Pgs. 101-114)

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