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Peter Brown
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the gosling hatches and asks for food, what does Roz do?
(a) She gives him some bark.
(b) She gives him some grass.
(c) She tells him water is more important than food.
(d) She sets off to find some geese to ask what geese eat.

2. During the first dawn meeting described by the narrator, who leads the meeting?
(a) Chitchat the squirrel.
(b) Muddy the mudskipper.
(c) Swooper the owl.
(d) Woody the woodchuck.

3. What does Roz say to her pursuers when they threaten her?
(a) "Why are you mad at me?"
(b) "What did I do?"
(c) "Please go away."
(d) "I do not understand you."

4. What strategy does Roz use that works to drive her pursuers away?
(a) She asks the beavers if she can hide in their lodge.
(b) She jumps into the ocean and swims out of reach.
(c) She jumps into a tree and shakes pinecones down onto their heads.
(d) She camouflages herself with moss.

5. Upon discovering one unharmed egg from the broken goose nest, what does Roz do?
(a) She sets it back inside the splintered nest.
(b) She gives it to Fink the fox.
(c) She cooks it.
(d) She picks it up and cradles it in her hand.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Roz is observing the processes of childbirth and rearing, what species does she NOT observe?

2. What are the first words Roz speaks to the animals in her own language?

3. What happens to make Roz feel unsafe on the mountaintop she has chosen?

4. What constitutes Roz's version of sleep?

5. Where do most of the island's residents gather during the hour of peace at dawn?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why are Roz's decisions about how to use her headlights in the wilderness significant to the story?

2. How does Roz apply the lesson she learns from the stick insect?

3. When the narrator shares that upon Roz's arrival on the island, she feels at home and feels that she belongs, what does he list among the facts of which Roz is unaware?

4. What important element of Roz's programming does the reader learn about when she is unable to defend herself during the bear attack?

5. What learned tactic does Roz apply to the situation with the bears?

6. When the bears growl menacingly at her, what is Roz's reply to them and why does this exchange fail to help the situation be resolved?

7. What does Roz do when she realizes that the gosling is hungry but that she does not know what to feed it?

8. What lesson does Roz learn from the stick insect and how does she acknowledge his ability to help her?

9. Besides informing her experience of motherhood, what other area of life does Pinktail's advice help Roz with?

10. What pseudo-emotion does Roz feel when she sees that the island creatures have made it through the storm just fine?

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