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Peter Brown
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Once she spots the perfect place on top of the mountain, how long does it take Roz to hike there?
(a) Fifteen minutes.
(b) Six hours.
(c) Three hours.
(d) An hour.

2. What is the first selfless act Roz performs that begins to end her period of alienation?
(a) She pulls porcupine quills from Fink the fox's face.
(b) She cleans the mud from the outside of the bees' hive.
(c) She builds a new nest for Swooper the owl.
(d) She builds a fire inside the beavers' dam.

3. When Roz observes Pinktail the opossum play dead and evade a badger, what do Roz and Pinktail talk about once the badger leaves?
(a) The winter.
(b) Badgers.
(c) Acting.
(d) Raising children.

4. What method does the bird finally use to drive Roz away from its nest?
(a) It splatters its droppings onto Roz.
(b) It pecks at Roz.
(c) It gets other birds to join her in swooping around Roz's head.
(d) It sings a song because it knows Roz hates music.

5. What does Loudwing tell Roz she will have to do if she wants the gosling to survive?
(a) Act like his mother.
(b) Build him a nest in a tree.
(c) Keep him away from the foxes.
(d) Give him a name.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to get Roz's body sticky?

2. When Roz finds a patch of ground she likes, what does she see as being its third good quality in addition to being flat and open?

3. What strategy does Roz try first in order to escape the inhabitants of her chosen home?

4. What is the setting for the beginning of the novel?

5. What do the camouflaged creature and Roz do when they encounter one another?

Short Essay Questions

1. What event occurs that is an impetus to ending Roz's loneliness and alienation?

2. What important element of Roz's programming does the reader learn about when she is unable to defend herself during the bear attack?

3. Though the beavers are the experts when it comes to building, there is one main thing they cannot do. What is it and how does the author demonstrate that all of us have our own unique areas of expertise?

4. What does getting hit by a wave teach both Roz and the reader?

5. Besides informing her experience of motherhood, what other area of life does Pinktail's advice help Roz with?

6. When the narrator shares that upon Roz's arrival on the island, she feels at home and feels that she belongs, what does he list among the facts of which Roz is unaware?

7. After Roz constructs a makeshift nest and climbs a tree, she watches a scene unfold below her and learns something from an opossum that directly informs her ideas about raising the goose inside the egg she has found. What does she learn and how does she apply that learning?

8. What learned tactic does Roz apply to the situation with the bears?

9. What does Roz reveal about herself once she begins to speak after being activated?

10. How does Roz become activated once her crate arrives on shore?

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