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Peter Brown
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 49-64.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When autumn arrives and the animals begin to prepare for winter, the scaly animals look for new home and the feather animals grow more feathers. What do the furry animals do?
(a) They grow more fur.
(b) They rush to build warmer homes.
(c) They swim in the cold water once a day to begin acclimating to the coming cold temperatures.
(d) They gather food for storing.

2. After descending the mountain, what is the first thing Roz does?
(a) Looks for new friends.
(b) Cleans herself.
(c) Looks for an energy source.
(d) Fixes her broken foot.

3. Where is Brightbill's favorite place to fly?
(a) Above the robot graveyard.
(b) Up on the grassy ridge.
(c) Above the Great Meadow.
(d) Over the ocean.

4. According to the narrator, what good comes from the deaths of the animals who have frozen over the winter?
(a) Roz is able to make coats out of them to keep surviving animals warm.
(b) There is more food for everyone else.
(c) Their bodies nourish the soil and help create an amazing spring bloom.
(d) Their remaining family members remember not to take each other for granted.

5. When Roz begins to understand how the deer speak, what does she say about their speech?
(a) That they mostly use their bodies to speak.
(b) That the adults use one pattern of speech and the fawns use another.
(c) That they use such quiet voices that she does not understand how they hear one another.
(d) That they speak a different language than the elk.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Roz say to her pursuers when they threaten her?

2. What do the camouflaged creature and Roz do when they encounter one another?

3. For one hour each day at dawn, all animals are safe because of their agreed-upon lack of hunting during this time. What is this hour called?

4. What reason does Roz give Brightbill for wanting to wait to show him the robot graveyard?

5. After others sharing what they think Roz's purpose is, she says that perhaps she does know what her purpose is. What does she say she thinks her purpose may be?

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