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Peter Brown
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 49-64.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Loudwing say when Roz asks her about Brightbill swallowing pebbles?
(a) She tells Roz that they must take Brightbill to the island's doctor immediately.
(b) She tells Roz that geese often swallow a few pebbles in order to aid their digestion.
(c) She tells Roz to instruct Brightbill never to swallow pebbles again.
(d) She tells Roz to make sure Brightbill is not swallowing anything besides food because it could hurt him.

2. What are the first words Roz speaks to the animals in her own language?
(a) "Hello, my name is Roz."
(b) "Pleased to meet you."
(c) "Why are you afraid?"
(d) "I am a ROZZUM unit."

3. When a voice emerges from the goose egg, saying, "Mama! Mama!" how does Roz at first reply?
(a) "I am not your mother."
(b) "What is a mama?"
(c) "I killed your mother."
(d) "What kinds of things do mothers do?"

4. When Brightbill begins to speak to everyone who will listen, what does he say at the start of each conversation?
(a) "Hello, my name is Brightbill."
(b) "Want to play?"
(c) "How are you today?"
(d) "My mom is Roz."

5. Which animal does Rockfish the pike grab by the tail, causing the animal to call for help?
(a) Tawny.
(b) Brightbill.
(c) Digdown.
(d) Paddler.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is it difficult for Roz to walk in the forest?

2. What method does the bird finally use to drive Roz away from its nest?

3. What reason does Roz give for telling the animals to be careful around fire?

4. What constitutes Roz's version of sleep?

5. What do the otters do when Roz emerges from her crate?

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