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Peter Brown
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 17-32.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the very first time Roz experiences a fall, what does she do immediately afterward?
(a) She lies down to recuperate.
(b) She deactivates herself.
(c) She cleans herself.
(d) She jumps into a tree and starts to swing from branch to branch rather than walking.

2. What constitutes Roz's version of sleep?
(a) She sings lullabies to herself.
(b) She lies on the ground and looks up at the stars.
(c) She switches off her nonessential programs.
(d) She stands motionless, thinking about her goals for the next day.

3. What is said to Roz upon the completion of her first selfless act?
(a) "That's a good way to make friends."
(b) "I owe you one."
(c) "Thanks for nothing."
(d) "I never thought a robot could be kind."

4. When the owl refuses Roz's first request of the island's animals, what does he give as his reason?
(a) He is afraid he will be eaten.
(b) She seems unnatural to him.
(c) He believes her request is a trick to get them to be her friends.
(d) She does not seem to need any survival techniques.

5. What two metamorphic processes does Roz watch happen during her camouflaged hiding?
(a) Tadpoles becoming frogs and caterpillars becoming butterflies.
(b) Tadpoles becoming toads and moths becoming butterflies.
(c) Ducks becoming platypuses and tadpoles becoming frogs.
(d) Caterpillars becoming moths and tadpoles becoming frogs.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Roz observes Pinktail the opossum play dead and evade a badger, what do Roz and Pinktail talk about once the badger leaves?

2. What does the narrator say is the one thing Roz's pursuers want to do to her above all things?

3. After camouflaging herself for the first time, where does Roz settle in?

4. What does Roz do to survive the threat she encounters on the mountaintop?

5. What catches the attention of the otters to make them come near to Roz?

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