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Peter Brown
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 33-48.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Roz encounters the inhabitants of her new choice of home, what does she shout to them?
(a) "Please stay away!"
(b) "My name is Roz!"
(c) "Please forgive me!"
(d) "I'm sorry!"

2. Why is it difficult for Roz to walk in the forest?
(a) Because she moves better in water.
(b) Because animals keep getting in her way.
(c) Because there are too many upright trees in her way.
(d) Because the forest floor is uneven.

3. What reason does Roz give Brightbill for wanting to wait to show him the robot graveyard?
(a) She says he is too young to see dead robots.
(b) She says if they wait for the sun to warm the robot parts over a series of days, some of them may still be operative.
(c) She says that she is not ready to see the dead robots.
(d) She says the dead robots are covered in snow, so they will have to wait until spring.

4. During the first dawn meeting described by the narrator, who leads the meeting?
(a) Muddy the mudskipper.
(b) Chitchat the squirrel.
(c) Woody the woodchuck.
(d) Swooper the owl.

5. What does Roz do to survive the threat she encounters on the mountaintop?
(a) She explains to the eagles that she means them no harm.
(b) She constructs an umbrella to shield herself from the sun.
(c) She crouches just inside the lip of the volcano.
(d) She holds fast to a pine tree.

Short Answer Questions

1. Brightbill is different in one way from the other goslings his age. What is that difference?

2. Fink the fox makes a request of Roz. What does he ask of her?

3. What does Brightbill tell Chitchat that makes her speechless?

4. What method does the bird finally use to drive Roz away from its nest?

5. From what creature does Roz learn the value of camouflage?

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