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Peter Brown
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 49-64.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Roz encounters an old goose, what is the first question she asks the goose?
(a) "What shall I name this gosling?"
(b) "Will you take the gosling?"
(c) "Why is this gosling so noisy?"
(d) "What can I feed this gosling?"

2. What is the news shared by the leader of the first dawn meeting readers are privy to?
(a) That food needs to be shared more equally.
(b) That there is a shortage of clean water on the island.
(c) That there has been too much infighting recently.
(d) That there is a monster on the island.

3. How does Roz find out why Rockmouth is so angry?
(a) She threatens him with letting the bears loose on him unless he tells her the source of his anger.
(b) Paddler tells her.
(c) Swooper tells her.
(d) She puts him by himself in a small pond and waits for him to explain himself.

4. What does Loudwing say when Roz asks her about Brightbill swallowing pebbles?
(a) She tells Roz to make sure Brightbill is not swallowing anything besides food because it could hurt him.
(b) She tells Roz that they must take Brightbill to the island's doctor immediately.
(c) She tells Roz that geese often swallow a few pebbles in order to aid their digestion.
(d) She tells Roz to instruct Brightbill never to swallow pebbles again.

5. What is Roz's reply when Brightbill asks if he can stay on the island with Roz rather than migrating with the other geese?
(a) She says that she will ask Loudwing.
(b) She says that he will die if he stays.
(c) She says she does not think that is a good idea and that she thinks he should migrate with the flock.
(d) She says that if he can get five other geese to agree to stay as well, that Roz will let Brightbill stay.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the goslings becomes the leader of the other goslings during their flying expeditions?

2. What does Roz decide to do when she realizes that the Nest is at its capacity?

3. Who teaches the goslings in their new skill lessons for the celebrated day?

4. What does Mrs. Beaver suggest Roz do with Rockfish?

5. When the owl refuses Roz's first request of the island's animals, what does he give as his reason?

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