Objects & Places from The Wild Robot

Peter Brown
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This object carries Roz safely to her new home, representing a womb of sorts, and acting as a means of her rebirth to a new life.


This object is inadvertently destroyed by Roz as she falls down a sheer cliff into the treetops. This accident causes the death of Brightbill's two parents and three potential siblings, so when Roz finds one unbroken egg near the nest, she makes it her mission to raise this gosling in the absence of his parents. Also, one of the first acts of motherhood she undertakes is to weave a new nest for the gosling.

Robot Graveyard

This place is where the remnants of the other four crated robots washes ashore at the same time that Roz's unbroken crate comes to rest. The sparkly robot parts lure the otters to the scene, putting into motion their accidental activation of Roz. This...

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