The Wild Robot Fun Activities

Peter Brown
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Collage Re-Creation

Choose one of illustrations in the novel and recreate it using images you cut from magazines.

Movie Time

Choose a movie to watch that contains the theme of nature vs. technology, such as A.I., Chappie, or 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Scene Depiction

Choose a scene that does not have an accompanying illustration and create your own illustration for that scene using whatever medium you choose.

Island: What Happens Next?

Write a scene about what happens on the island after Roz flies off in the airship.

Airship: What Happens Next?

Write a scene about what happens when the airship lands with Roz inside.

Choose a Song

Choose a song that you think demonstrates a theme or character or scene within the novel. Share the song with the class.

Three Rozs

Using paper, brads, and coloring implements of your choice, create three different versions of Roz the robot...

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