The Wild Robot Character Descriptions

Peter Brown
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This character is a robot whose crate washes up onto the shore of the island when the cargo ship carrying her wrecks in a storm and sinks. She is selfless and works hard to be liked by others.


This character is a gosling whose parents are killed when their nest is destroyed. He is then adopted and raised by a surrogate mother. He becomes a skilled flier under her instruction.

Mr. Beaver

This character is a skilled builder and helps Roz to construct her first home and her wooden prosthetic foot when hers is ripped off by the young bears.


This character is an old gray goose who mentors Roz from the beginning of motherhood, teaching her parenting skills that had previously been alien to her.


This character is a squirrel who befriends Brightbill when they are both very young. She speaks constantly and uses...

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