The Widening Gyre Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Farrell say he needs a body guard?

Fix Farrell enters Spenser's office and offers him a job as a bodyguard for Senatorial hopeful Meade Alexander. Alexander is running against Robert Browne, a politician known to have mafia connections. Farrell tells Spenser that Alexander recently received death threats.

2. Describe Spenser.

The first chapter introduces Spenser, a witty, unflappable private detective. Spenser is drinking even though Fix Farrell's surprise suggests it is unusual. This indicates Spenser is troubled by something.

3. How does Spenser act when he meets the Alexanders?

Spenser shows he has little respect for authority figures during his meeting with the Alexanders. Rather than tell them what they want to hear, he remains entirely himself, witticisms and criticisms included.

4. Why do the Alexanders decide to hire Spenser?

Spenser flatly tells Alexander that he disagrees with his religion. While the Alexanders are surprised by Spenser's candor, they both agree that honesty is a trait needed for the job.

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