The Widening Gyre Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1-2

• Spenser is sitting in his Boston apartment drinking whiskey when a man called Farrell enters. He wants to hire Spenser as a bodyguard for Senator Meade Alexander.

• Farrell tells Spenser that Alexander has been receiving death threats and will pay Spenser a lot of money if he protects him. Spenser takes the job.
• Spenser meets Alexander and his wife, Ronni. Though Spenser's views are very different from Alexander's conservative beliefs, Alexander still takes him. He tells Spenser he appreciates his honesty.

Chapter 3-4

• Spenser accompanies the Alexanders on their campaign. They go to a university and a women's club. Alexander speaks about the necessity of family values and threats to those values, for example, drugs.

• The Alexanders and Spenser go to the Hilton Hotel to attend a party. Here Ronni starts to drink heavily. Farrell notices she is starting to get out of hand, so he...

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