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Short Answer Questions

1. How do the children free the sailboat from the dock before the creature gets to them?

2. What does Larry, the waiter, recommend since the occasion is sad?

3. What happens when Klaus kicks at a leech that managed to get into the boat?

4. What does Mr. Poe say he will have at the restaurant?

5. What does Aunt Josephine tell the children she ate just before they arrived?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens in Chapter 8 just after the children have found the atlas to tell them where Aunt Josephine is hiding?

2. What does Aunt Josephine say when Captain Sham say he is going to thrown her overboard?

3. Describe the scene when the Baudelaire children first arrive back at Josephine's house in the beginning of Chapter 8.

4. What does Klaus do in Chapter 8 when he enters the library room?

5. Describe the Baudelaires' journey to the Fickle Ferry in Chapter 9.

6. What do the children think about when Josephine is thrown overboard and they sail away from her.

7. What does Larry the waiter offer the children to eat?

8. What does Violet do under the table while they are eating at the restaurant?

9. How does the creature stop the Baudelaire children after it wakes up?

10. What does Josephine tell the children had happened to her when she decided to run away?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Aunt Josephine leaves a hidden message in a note for the children rather than protecting them or calling the police.

1) What does this say about her character?

2) What other methods could she have used to have hidden a message for the children?

3) Why did the author use a hidden message for Josephine? What did it accomplish in the story?

Essay Topic 2

This story has a warning in several places about the fact that it does not end well.

1) Does this influence your desire to read the book?

2) Do you continue to hope for a happy ending or something good to come of the events?

Essay Topic 3

1) What is the difference between the adults in the story and the children?

2) Does the difference between the adults and the children make it easier for children to relate to? Explain.

3) Why were the adults unable to see through Count Olaf's disguise?

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