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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sunny abandon her post at the tiller to do?

2. Who does Violet tell Klaus they will say they are?

3. What books does Violet say they need in order to find out what Josephine meant by the message left hidden in her note?

4. What does Klaus tell Josephine will be coming to the Cave that frightens her enough to make her agree to leave?

5. What does Josephine say she will help the children do after she catches her breath?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Josephine tell the children had happened to her when she decided to run away?

2. What do the children think about when Josephine is thrown overboard and they sail away from her.

3. What does Aunt Josephine say when Captain Sham say he is going to thrown her overboard?

4. What does Captain Sham tell Mr. Poe about him and Josephine in chapter seven while they are eating at the restauarant?

5. What does Captain Sham say to the children when they get into his boat?

6. What does Klaus do in Chapter 8 when he enters the library room?

7. Describe the Baudelaires' journey to the Fickle Ferry in Chapter 9.

8. Describe the invention that Violet makes in Chapter 11 and what it does.

9. Describe the scene in Chapter 11 when the Leeches arrive.

10. How does the creature stop the Baudelaire children after it wakes up?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The author gives the reader many instances of foreshadowing in the story.

1) Give examples of foreshadowing that happen in the book and what it accomplishes.

2) Why does the author choose to reveal these pieces of information?

3) What other way could the author have given the information?

Essay Topic 2

1) Why does Mr. Poe and Josephine refuse to listen to the children about Captain Sham?

2) What does this convey to the reader about the author's point of view?

Essay Topic 3

Count Olaf is very prideful. Discuss pride. In what other ways does pride show itself as a factor for events or characters in the story? Compare Olaf to another prideful character in a book that you have read.

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